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The Difference Between Bold and Strong Tags
[2008-08-20] Just a quick question: as I'm figuring out HTML, I've learned that "<b></b>" will make the inner text bold, but why are we seeing "<strong>" being used these days? Is there a difference?

The Difference Between a Ping and a Trackback
[2008-05-07] I'm trying to figure out all this blogging stuff, but I'm a bit confused about two aspects of blogging: pings and trackbacks. What's the difference?

Website Optimization For Google
[2008-04-23] In today's online world search engine rankings can make your business succeed, and while rankings in Yahoo and MSN are very valuable, their combined market value is still less than that of Google. This makes achieving top rankings in Google that much more important.

Improve Your Social Media Success
[2008-04-07] Did you know that there are three simple alphabet letters that can make or break your social media campaigns? So many times we overlook these three letters and never realize that they can help improve your social media profiles' success. In fact, many top social media users use this and often we don't realize that they're using these three letters to make them successful.

The Tools Between Your Audience and You
[2008-03-19] Some tools exist because they are valuable and remove market friction. Others exist because they are perceived as being valuable, even if they are actually value destroying, or only valuable in rare circumstances.

What Should NOINDEX Do?
[2008-02-25] We have heard from Matt Cutts on many issues either through his blog or through the videos. The NOINDEX tag has been deliberated upon before by him, see: Handling Noindex Meta Tags and Google even made changes to how the tag was implemented, see: Google Accepts The "noindex" Directive In The robots.txt, Temporary or Permanent?.

Permanent 301 vs. Temporary 302 Redirects
[2008-02-04] These days, as more and more companies come to the conclusion that their 1990's built websites with the animated gifs, static backgrounds, and auto-playing midi files have seen their prime, they begin to enter into a world of redesign.

Issues for Ensuring Accessibility
[2008-01-22] As more and more users gain access to the web, it becomes increasingly important to ensure that your website is accessible to all, not just a few.

Web Standards and Their Importance in Design
[2008-01-07] There is a lot of talk amongst designers about why web standards are important, sometimes it is a bragging point to say that you know a lot about CSS and HTML and can make a good site within standards.

Five Website Obstacles
[2007-12-21] From years of troubleshooting websites for companies, I have consistently run up against the same problems.

8 Great Digg-Like Social Networks For Designers In 2008
[2007-12-19] There are a lot of social networks available for every niche you can think of, some of them aren't as good as others and the good ones always need a little attention. I'm sure a lot of you have been to a few of these but should be members of all of them. Interaction is important when it comes to social networks. Ensuring that you do your part as a member and contribute to them by voting on content or contributing to a conversation.

Feeling Your Web Site Experience
[2007-12-04] When I decided to teach myself HTML in 1995, I did what many others did back then.

Sitemaps to Ensure Your Site Gets Crawled More Frequently
[2007-11-28] Sitemaps have been around for a very long time but it is only recently that the large search engines have begun to support sitemap submission to help towards the crawling of your site more frequently.

The Easiest Ways To Get Search Engines To Trust You
[2007-10-22] With the days of meta tag stuffing, hidden text and all the wonders of "SEO" in the 90s and early 2000s well and truly behind us, search engines are investing billions of dollars into top secret algorithms to keep the search results for any given query spam free and relevant.

The Search for Better On-Site Search Usability
[2007-10-10] Not every site needs, nor should have, an on-site search feature. But those that do must be sure that the search isn't just an after-thought.

Titles Should be used in Web Design for SEO
[2007-09-28] As we have all heard, titles are a very important part of anything. Especially when it comes to designing web sites, the title says it all.

Usability Reviews Verify Good Work
[2007-09-05] While on a plane heading home from a conference I happened to meet the mother of a Human Factors employee for a well-known global Internet software company. As we chatted, she noted that when I spoke of my work, she could tell I wasn't the critical type.

SEO Learning Life-cycle
[2007-08-13] I think the idea of breaking SEO down to the white hat and black hat camps really misses where the real divisions are.

Indicating Web Page Expiration
[2007-08-08] I have been building a set of Web pages for events hosted by my local temple, and the Rabbi is complaining that when he uses Google to search for upcoming events, it's the older events that have already passed that are showing up, not the upcoming events.

10 Rules To Ensure Usability
[2007-08-01] Everyone has their own way. I've been around many development environments and witnessed or experienced the blood, sweat and tears borne by the web development team.

Getting Started in Domaining
[2007-07-25] I've been diving into domaining activities recently, mostly reading, some bidding, and some buying.

The Web is Messy
[2007-07-09] The nature of the Web is not neat and tidy. A website is not a project but rather a process of continuous improvement.

Make Contact with cforms
[2007-06-29] If you've ever wanted to add a contact form on your blog, but didn't know how or thought it was to much work, then cforms is exactly what you need.

Q&A: Single Keywords vs Variations and Phrases in PPC
[2007-06-13] Dear Kalena...

Iíve Come to Your Web Site To Do Nothing
[2007-06-06] When does a web site just sit on the shelf hoping someone will come along and pick it up, and when does a web site beg to be noticed and better yet, interacted with?